About The Course

Certified Information Technology

The certified Information Technology course is designed to act as a bridge to higher-level computing qualifications and provides you with a solid and best foundation to enter a career in information technology field. Improve your computer literacy as well as your communication, problem-solving and study skills. You also get a solid background in current software applications.


MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word


Advanced Adobe Photoshop, Advanced Adobe Illustrator,Inpage

Android Development

Introduction to Android, Android User Interface, Applying Styles to the UI, Notifications, Android User Input, Intents, A sync Task, Graphics,Content Providers, SQLite Database, JSON Parsing, Publishing your App

Web Designing

Introduction to building a web page, Creating HTML documents, Introduction to CSS, Adding images, Anchors & hyperlinks, More CSS techniques, Creating layouts, Advance CSS, Building a web site with CSS positioning, JAVASCRIPT, Introduction of JQUERY

Web development

Variables,Data types,while loop,For loop,Do_while loop, For_each statement,Array, Associtaed Array,Multi demensional Array, Strings, Functions, Connection to a Data base, logIn Form, Registration Form