Graphic Designing

Graphics Designing

About The Course

Course Overview/Description:

A to Z offers an initial six months course to complete the program. In this course, you will learn the concepts and theories that Graphic Designing and animation depend on, and you will learn how to put these into practice, engaging in hands-on exercises that will develop your skills in Graphic and animation too. The effects of elements such as color, layout, and design on the viewer are dealt with in easily understood terms. Real world applications of graphic design and animation are discussed thoroughly, with common projects such as logo design, Brochure, Flyer, Poster, and television ads, business cards, Packaging and letterheads covered television ads in-depth, along with tips for success in the world of professional Graphic Design.

Advanced Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard tool for working with digital images. Our Photoshop training course provides you with the essential knowledge you need, including repairing photos, selections and layers, compositing images, and vector drawing techniques.

Advanced Adobe Illustrator

To provide you with the essential knowledge you need to create shapes, work with type and layers and apply effects and styles, giving you the basics to build on. The course also investigates the most effective ways for integrating Illustrator into your workflow.

Advanced In-Page

InPage has an ability to manage your Urdu news paper layouts, Magazine layout, Books Layouts all kind of Urdu Advertisements.

Advanced CorelDraw

CorelDraw provides all the necessary tools to create powerful vector designs and illustrations. Our Introduction to CorelDraw training course teaches you how to edit photographs using the variety of features and tools available in CorelDraw. You also gain an insight into effective page layout techniques.

Advanced InDesign

The Adobe InDesign workspace is arranged to help you focus on designing and producing pages efficiently, its gives you the tools you need to add text to pages with both flexibility You can create styles for paragraphs, characters, objects, tables, and cells in a table.

Advanced Adobe After Effect

In this course, you’ll examine the basic skills that will allow you to take advantage of After Effects powerful tools. You will observe, how to navigate in After Effect, and you’ll explore the use of animating tools and animating text.

Final Project

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