Ms Office

About The Course


Microsoft Office is a collection of different application software it is made by Microsoft. It consists on a number of application software which helps to performs different tasks. Microsoft Office is a very helpful and easy tool mostly used in homes, offices and schools, to organize, manage and present information, data and figures.

Microsoft Word

Page Setup, Formatting Basic Text, Adding Headers & Footers, Formatting Tables, Keyboard Shortcuts, Inserting Pictures, Inserting Clip Art, Inserting Shapes, Inserting SmartArt, Merging a mailing list to produce labels, Adding a bookmark, Creating a Table of Contents, Creating Endnotes, Creating Footnotes, On Set Assignments

MS Excel

Set up print options for single and multiple worksheets, Work with multiple worksheets, Format worksheets to suit needs, Add graphic elements to a chart, Create and work with charts, Enter formulas and work with formulas and functions, Use advanced features such as Goal Seek and the Analysis Identify, Identify the ways to use a scenario, Use macros to automate complex and repetitive tasks, Create custom functions, Send workbooks through e-mail, Use auditing features and incorporate comments in Excel, Create and work with Pivot Charts, Create and work with PivotTables, Use data outlining and consolidating features, Use sorting and filtering features, Identify elements of a list, Identify database functions, Use the nested IF function, Use advanced functions, Assignments

MS PowerPoint

Changing The Slide Layout, Adding Additional Slides, Creating a Slide Design, Using WordArt Styles, Creating & Formatting Chart, Using Action Buttons, Outputting a Presentation, Keyboard Shortcuts, On Set Assignments

Urdu In page

Introduction to Languages, Page Setup, Keyboard View & Setting, Creating Tables, Formatting, Print Setting


Introduction to internet, getting to connect internet, browsing, searching, downloading, creating email address, using email address