Web Designing

About The Course

Web Designing Course Outline

Web designing

The web design education industry has extended from a single skill into powerful profession. Countless people all over the world are interested in learning about how to design websites because in this computer age everyone wants to fulfill their demands by sitting at home lot of companies is fulfilling their promise on the ultimate solution.


  • Why we use Photoshop?
  • About Resolutions of a web page
  • Layers
  • Blending options
  • Layer masking
  • Creating slide show
  • Final Project(complete websites on photoshop)

Introduction to building a web page

  • What is HTML?
  • Setting Up the Text Editor to Create XHTML
  • Creating Your First HTML File
  • Adding Formatting Tags & Previewing in a Browser
  • Getting Started with Cascading Style Sheets
  • How Pages are Served Up
  • Choosing an Editor
  • Project Management

Creating HTML documents

  • Understanding Tags, Elements & Attributes
  • Defining the Basic Structure with HTML, HEAD & BODY
  • Assigning a Title & Using Paragraphs
  • Using Heading Tags & Whitespace
  • Creating Unordered & Ordered Lists
  • Fine-tuning Tags with Attributes,
  • Adding Bold & Italics
  • Understanding How a Browser Reads HTML
  • Doc Types & Browsers

Introduction to CSS

  • What is CSS?
  • Internal Style Sheets, Selectors, Properties & Values
  • Building & Applying Class Selectors
  • Grouping Selectors
  • Creating Comments in Your Code
  • Using Div Tags & IDs to Format Layout
  • Understanding the Cascade & Avoiding Conflicts

Adding images

  • Image Formats & Production Considerations
  • Optimizing Images for the Web
  • Introducing the IMG Tag
  • Relative vs. Absolute URLs
  • Fine-Tuning with Alt, Width & Height Attributes

Anchors & hyperlinks

  • Creating Hyperlinks to Outside Websites
  • Creating Hyperlinks Between Documents
  • Linking to Email Addresses
  • Linking to a Specific Part of a Webpage
  • Linking Images

More CSS techniques

  • Managing CSS with External Style Sheets
  • The CSS Box Model: Padding, Borders & Margins
  • Styling Unordered & Ordered Lists with CSS
  • Overriding the Inheritance of Attributes
  • Using HTML Comments

Creating layouts

  • Adding a Side Content Div to Your Layout
  • Applying Absolute Positioning
  • Applying Relative Positioning
  • Using the Float & Clear Properties
  • Understanding Overflow
  • Creating Auto-Centering Content
  • Using Fixed Positioning

Advance CSS

  • Reviewing CSS linking and setup
  • Understanding levels of inheritance
  • Understanding levels of style sheets
  • Apply styles with SPAN and DIV
  • Understanding units of measure in CSS
  • Adding a Side Content Div to Your Layout
  • Using the Float & Clear Properties
  • Understanding Overflow
  • Creating Auto-Centering Content

Building a web site with CSS positioning

  • Exploring the finished web site
  • Building a document header>
  • Placing a contact button
  • Laying out a main menu
  • Creating a layout template pt. 1: Main body area
  • Creating a layout template pt. 2: Sidebar area
  • Creating a layout template pt. 3: Footer content


  • Fundamentals of javascript programming
  • Data types
  • Objects
  • Field validation
  • Operators
  • Complete form validation
  • Etc.

Introduction of JQUERY

  • Searching the JQUERY
  • Create JQUERY Headers
  • Search and integrate
  • JQURY Sliders and animations
  • Implement JQUERY into your website
  • Create JQUERY menus in you html